How do we ensure the best outcome for your case


Our way of working and strategy are based on confidence. Before we can commit to your defence, we have to familiarise ourselves thoroughly with your case. Once we're confident, we'll map out a strategy and determine whether to try and win via mediation or by taking legal action.

Roughly speaking, each action goes through the following stages: 

Step1 consultation                                                                                                                       Once you contact us, we'll then invite you to a personal meeting in our office with one of the partners.                                                                                                 

Step 2: Assessment stage                                                                                                           After we've met, we'll assess your chances of winning. If they aren't high enough, then we'll advise against taking action. That way we save you unnecessary costs

Step 3: Pricing                                                                                                                            We'll be pleased to discuss our rates with you and if possible determine a total price, or else we may agree to an hourly rate. In any case, we always try to be as clear as possible about the bottom line. 

Step 4: Mediation or legal proceedings                                                                                       We always try to arrive at the desired result via mediation first. We'll only start legal proceedings if that fails. In any case, we'll keep you fully up to date on how your case is going.

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