Nieuwe bewijsregels in burgerlijk recht vanaf 1 november 2020

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Zelfstandige vaders en meeouders krijgen vaderschapsverlof en geboorteverlof

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Welke rechtsbijstandsverzekering geeft recht op belastingvermindering ?

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Over 30 years of providing reliable legal advice


The office of lawyers Rik Depla and Sabine Lantsoght is an established value in and around Bruges.  For over thirty years, we've been providing reliable legal advice in a wide variety of areas to private individuals, companies and government agencies.

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What do we do?

We defend your interests in court, but we also act as negotiators outside the strictly legal context. If legal proceedings are unavoidable, we first assess your chances of winning. Next, we draw up a cost-benefit analysis.  If it's not worth going ahead, then you'll be the first person to know, our way of avoiding disappointments and unnecessary financial charges.

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How do we deal with your case? 

Clients can contact us 7 days a week. One of our partners will attend every meeting. We feel this personal approach is necessary for building a relationship of trust between lawyer and client.

Whatever your case involves or whatever your interests are, our specialists can handle it.  Every case is meticulously prepared by staff, but it is one of the partners Rik Depla or Sabine Lantsoght who will ultimately take the strategic decisions.

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What are our specialist areas?

With around a dozen lawyers and a dedicated support staff, our office has the necessary expertise in numerous areas (all sorts of proceedings before the family court, the law of persons and family, divorce, post-divorce settlements/divisions, inheritance law, commercial law, traffic law, criminal law, law of obligations and contracts, rent cases, discussions between contractor and principal/owner, etc.).

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How much does our expertise cost?

We always try to be as transparent as we can about rates and costs. As far as possible, we calculate a cost price for the entire proceedings, which will include any court costs. 

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